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yes_robertsmith's Journal

Friday I'm in love with ice cream
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This community is for the fans who love and adore Robert Smith. Here you can share stories, MAKE UP stories, discuss him, obsess over him, openly love him, worship the man himself, discuss your opinions, share photos, joke around, discuss his music, and anything else Bobby-related.

Note: Please don't post stupid entries such as, "Robert Smith is h0t, LOL." Please be a bit more intelligent/deep than that, thanks.

For more than one photo, please use an lj-cut. If you don't know how to do that, go here.

Note: This community welcomes sarcasm, wit, humor, playful banter, and cleverness. Please try to not take something too seriously. Example: If someone jokingly takes a stab at Robert's "Gothic Prince-like Air", that is fine. Sarcasm, if done well, is funny.
But, we do not tolerate seriously mean or nasty remarks about Robert Smith. Example: "Robert Smith is a fucking fat, goth faggot! I hope he dies." This community is for people who actually like him.

Remember: When posting, please Friends your posts!

To join you must be 15 or older. Thankyou.